The Show

The Troubadours bring a taste of the lively french riviera party scene with an eclectic mix of acoustic/electric ‘feel good’ music to any party or event. They create an intimate, unforgettable experience catered to each audience.


Their ability to energise an event with acoustic instruments up close and personal, or amplified on stage makes The Troubadours the band for any venue.


Cocktail & Apéro set


Acoustic or plugged-in The Troubadours perform a mixed set of feel-good, upbeat music – relaxed and entertaining.


Dinner set


The Troubadours perform a lively set to thrill and excite your guests and have them up dancing on chairs, or provide complementary and elegant music depending on the desired mood of your event. Either way your guests are in for a treat. Expect harmony-driven renditions of songs by: The Beach Boys, Stevie Wonder, The Kinks, The Supremes, Kanye West and Pharrell, as well as a mix of tasteful classics from around the world.


Party set


Every event needs a climax and The Troubadours know how to make it happen.Whether on stage or acoustic amongst the crowd, there will be dancing, singing and great energy! Look forward to rock n’ roll and dance classics from artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Elvis to Michael Jackson, Rhianna and Bruno Mars. The Troubadours perform a wonderfully refreshing variety of live music and unique entertainment and are happy to adapt to the requirements and circumstances of your special occasion.


Any event, anywhere!